Social Media Packages

Gold-Social Media Package

Social Media Marketing

 Our social media consulting packages for small business can help you utilize social media marketing and take advantage of the many benefits social networks have to offer to business.

We know that ‘social’ is important for your business, that’s why we have designed our social media packages to give you results.

Who should use our social media packages? Our packages are best suited for small/medium businesses that want to create or enhance their social presence but don’t have the time to do it or don’t want to spend a fortune to get good results.

What’s Included In Our Gold Social Media Packages?

Social Media Packages include the following:

Social Marketing

A monthly calendar of two written posts/week on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Google My Business Posts: 4x Month

Four written posts each month that will appear in the Google My Business Knowledge Pane


There’s no better website traffic than free traffic and getting visitors to share content is the best way to do it! GetSocial makes it easier than ever to increase social traffic and followers and identify which articles and products are generating the most interest.

About twice a year, social networks like Facebook tend to reduce the organic reach of posts on company pages. Despite that, you still need to prove to your clients that their investment in social is paying off. This makes social marketing an increasingly tough game! And sharing and social usage have changed drastically in the past few years. Did you know that 80% of social sharing is done via copy paste and private messaging?

With our product, you’ll be able to track these actions in real-time, fully understand how your audience shares content and create reports. GetSocial allows you to track dark social and private messaging shares and identify viral content on your website.

Boost traffic and reach on social media through intelligent insights, buttons and pop-ups.




Silver-Social Media Package

All of the above Plus

Enhance your clients’ guest satisfaction and company reputation

With Customer Insights | Zenreach, your clients will be able to grow their customer knowledge base, keep customers coming back and now enhance their reputation. Includes everything in Customer Data Platform | Zenreach and Email Marketing |Zenreach, plus:

  • Satisfaction Survey: Solicit feedback when guests visit.
  • Real-time Notifications: Intercept problems before they become bad reviews.
  • Reputation Builder: Promote reviews on your preferred sites.
  • Enhanced Insights: Graphic display of business characteristics and breakdowns.

Zenreach | Email Marketing

Keep customers coming back through your doors

With Email Marketing | Zenreach, your clients will be able to grow their customer knowledge base with everything included with Customer Data Platform, plus they now have access to:

  • Smart Messages: Respond automatically to customer behavior with targeted campaigns.
  • Targeted Email Marketing: Send up to 50,000 targeted email campaigns.
  • Walk-Through Tracking: Track real-world performance of your marketing programs.
  • Profile Enrichment: Automatically enhance guest profiles with demographic information.

Reputation Management

Monitor and manage your online reputation

Reviews, accurate business information, and social media activity impact a business’s reputation and influences whether a consumer decides to do business with them. Businesses need a way to manage all of these factors in a scalable way.

With Reputation Management, you can keep on top of online activity affecting the reputation of a business, including reviews, listings, and social media, helping you make expert recommendations, and provide proof-of-performance.

Reputation Management Brochure 2019