Online Review Management

Online Review Management
In today’s hyper-digital world, having an online presence is key to a business’s success. Having online review management can save you time and money. In addition to websites, blogs, and social media profiles, having positive online reviews can play a defining role in the success of your business. In fact, over 90% of consumers seek out and read customer reviews prior to visiting or using a business, most of whom trust the reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations.
Online reviews are one of the most effective ways to drive potential customers to your business. Sure, you can spend thousands of dollars trying to shoot your business to the top of the google search engine results page (SERP), but that can be expensive and inefficient. In addition, while being at the top of the SERPs can show that you’re an established business, it lacks the authenticity and brand trust that an online business review can provide.

We get your phone to ring”

That’s the mission of Red Rock SEO — a digital marketing agency that helps SMBs and franchise businesses improve their local search visibility and reputation. Being focused on a single KPI — increasing the number of qualified phone leads — allows Red Rock SEO to deliver services that really move the needle. Red Rock SEO services range from increasing local search visibility and generating online reviews, through to client education on how to gather and act on customer feedback. In that sense, Red Rock SEO  does much more than increasing leads. Red Rock SEO empowers its clients to manage their online reputation and embrace feedback to improve their customer service.

The Challenge

When businesses come to Red Rock SEO, it’s often because they’re not being found in local search, and when they are being found, they’re being overlooked due to a bad reputation or too few reviews. Often local businesses can view it slightly backward. They want higher rankings and they see more reviews as a way to achieve that. When in reality, higher rankings should be seen as one of many benefits of maintaining a strong online reputation. More reviews and a stronger reputation doesn’t just increase the chances of ranking higher, it helps builds trust and helps the customer with their research, which in turn increases engagement, click-through rates, and ultimately, leads and sales.

The Solution

For Red Rock SEO, our vendor was the perfect solution to approve its processes and show the ROI of its efforts. Using Reputation Manager, Red Rock SEO is able to quickly understand the online reputation of a client, including:
  • How many reviews they’ve received
  • Which review sites customers leave reviews on
  • The average star rating on each site
  • How their reputation compares to competitors
From here, Red Rock SEO is able to build a review generation strategy that focuses on the areas that will help its clients improve their local SEO performance and generate more leads. Reputation Manager allows Red Rock SEO to generate new customer reviews for their clients at scale. They simply upload a list of contacts and customers are able to easily leave feedback and reviews. The feedback funnel in the Reputation Manager helps Red Rock SEO Marketing understand the performance of review generation campaigns and pass on each customer’s feedback. From there, clients are able to respond quickly to reviews on Google and Facebook via a client-friendly dashboard. Take control of and protect your reputation online, one star at a time. Generate first-party reviews and respond

The Results

When it comes to showing the results, our vendor has every angle covered. “We like to give our client the overall picture, showing not just the number of phone calls attributed to reviews, but how they got them,”  “We’re now able to provide accurate details of a review campaign from beginning to end. We also show that we are meeting our clients’ KPIs of at least a 3% increase in phone calls, month after month after month.”  We can show
  • How many new reviews each campaign generated
  • How that impacted their average star rating and online reputation
  • Local search ranking improvements
  • Increases to organic and direct website traffic
It doesn’t end there. Red Rock SEO also shows how their efforts are directly contributing to revenue. Over an eight-month period, Accelerate Marketing helped a property management client generate 187 new reviews, which in turn increased organic traffic by 18% and generated $81,720 in additional annual revenue. What Industry are you in?  Online review managementOur Commitment to our clients Red Rock SEO Ben Johnson, Consultant/ Coach 

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