Local Business

A Guide to Improving Local SEO for Your Business

A huge percentage of searches for businesses online are local searches.

What does this mean for your business? It means you should start putting a lot of effort into finding the right local business SEO packages to ensure you rank highly in local SERP. Improve local SEO for your by optimizing your Google My Business Listing.

It will take a combination of well thought out strategies to get your business where you need to be to attract the attention of people looking for businesses like yours within the location that you operate.

Coming up with the strategies may be the hard part, but with these tips, it should become a lot easier.

You can use them as a foundation for your local business SEO packages that will ensure you see positive results.

List on Google My Business There is no better place to be found as a local business than on Google My Business.

This is a tool that lets you distribute the equivalent of a business card to anyone that may be look

Local Business

List on Google My Business There is no better place to be found as a local business than on Google My Business.

This is a tool that lets you distribute the equivalent of a business card to anyone that may be looking for your service.

On GMB you can add your business name, the physical address, and phone number. But that is just the basic stuff, there is a lot more you can add to the listing including driving directions, hours of business and pictures that may be relevant.

You will need to keep on updating the information here in case there are any changes. Give as much relevant information as you can to ensure you get the best of the tool.

Verify Your Name Address and Phone Across all Platforms If there is any place online that you have entered your business name, address, and phone, you need to verify them for consistency. You cannot afford to have conflicting addresses or numbers since that will just hurt your local SEO.

Sometimes you may find someone else may have listed your business on a different site like Facebook or LinkedIn and used the wrong NAP or one that has changed. Correct these details. You can find useful tools that will help you find any place that your business may have been listed.

Optimize Tags, Content, and URL for Local Search This is necessary to give Google your location. You will need to add your city or town where you operate in the URL, content as well as meta descriptions.


Treat your location like a keyword and add it where you would a keyword as well as within page keywords. This will help in indexing the page so that you can not only show up in local searches but also be ranked for these searches.

Encourage People to Write Reviews About Your Business There are particular sites that can drive better local SEO if you have a number of reviews. These reviews will also influence Google’s ranking of your business and its website.

Your business will also benefit from having positive reviews since research shows that a number of people make buying decisions based on what they read in reviews.

Some of the sites you may want to have your reviews posted include Foursquare, Yellow Pages, Trip Advisor, Yelp and Yahoo Local. Do not limit yourself to just these, there are plenty more you can find. To know more, click here. Utilize Google Posts This is a recently added feature to Google My Business, which enables anyone with an account to post information regarding their business in GMB.

You can compare it to a Facebook post. These posts will appear in the search results page along with your GMB information. The user can even interact with your business while still in the results page.

It is wise to think strategically when coming up with posts since you want them to attract and not repel visitors.

Utilize Google Posts This is a recently added feature to Google My Business, which enables anyone with an account to post information regarding their business in GMB.

You can compare it to a Facebook post. These posts will appear in the search results page along with your GMB information. The user can even interact with your business while still in the results page. It is wise to think strategically when coming up with posts since you want them to attract and not repel visitors.

Schema Markup There is a free tool that you can use to generate special codes which will guide Google to understand your website and determine how it presents it in search results. When you are generating the Schema codes, you need to include details about location, this will ensure that you appear in local search results.

You may need to read some more about marking up your website, though it is not very challenging. Embark on Local Link Building This is something that may take a while, but it will pay off in the long run. There is no way you can do SEO without building relevant links. Beware of the shortcuts in this endeavor. It may be tempting to try and get links quickly, but usually, those are just bad and irrelevant links that will only cause you trouble.

Take your time and build relevant links. Monitor Performance The last advice is to keep on tracking the performance of not just your site but even the competition, see how local searches are doing and make changes to perform even better.

There are a number of tools you can find to do this and you can make a choice according to their relevance. 

Google My Business Posts

3 out of 4 online customers use a search engine to find a business, and 7 out of 10 online customers made a purchase from a business they found using a search engine. Source: Google.

It’s no secret: Google My Business has become a wildly important service for local businesses. Not only does a well maintained and regularly updated Google My Business listing improve SEO, but posting promotions and upcoming events will increase your customer engagement.

When a customer Googles a business, they typically look at hours of operation, location, website, and reviews. Posts that promote certain items or events for the business add to the value of having everything under the Google My Business listing; more to see, less to look for.

Through this service, the client will receive:

    • Four custom developed posts published to their Google My Business listing over the course of one month.
    • A monthly content call with a Marketing Strategist.
    • Full ownership over their Google My Business listing.
    • A connection of their Google My Business listing to the platform.

Note: Google My Business posts disappear after 7 days. As per guidelines from Google, these posts should be short with highly engaging images. No links, but will likely include a sentence or two. Google My Business posts should only be used on events or promotional items. This service is not available for business categories that belong to the lodging industry like hotels, motels, guest houses, and RV sites.

  • Roughly 1 in 5 searches on Google are related to location. Additionally, nearly one-third of all mobile searches are related to location, and location-related mobile searches are growing 50% faster than all mobile searches. Google My Business posts not only appear in search results, but also on Google Maps. This is a massive opportunity for local businesses to promote their brand.
  • Every month, there are over 5B searches on Google for restaurants, 5M for coffee shops, 1B for clothing stores, 600M for hair & beauty salons, 1B for banks and 3B for hotels. Posting to Google My Business gives a business the opportunity to stick out from the crowd.
  • By connecting Google My Business with the platform, your client can receive regular reporting on the performance of their listing. This includes how many times consumers interact with their Knowledge Panel within search results.
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Social Media Management

In today’s online business world, having a powerful social media presence is just as important as having a website. With MCS, you won’t have to worry about growing or updating your own social media profiles. We professionally manage your social media accounts and increase engagement, implement effective lead generation campaigns, and increase your business’ online presence!

Get More Social

Social media is a great way to grow your business and increase traffic by enhancing and automating your engagement across global networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our tools identify social influencers in your market and automate social marketing strategies.
Finding great content, creating social media posts, inserting hashtags, and eye-catching images, etc — is all very time-consuming. Our specialists streamline that work for you by creating new, custom-made posts for your business and share them on your company’s social media accounts.


Creating content in multiple places such as a blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. adds value to your brand and drives traffic to your website; you can also monitor and scan the views, decide what comments to approve, and respond to replies on these sites.
Scan your Twitter followers for conversations you may want to join, or check your RSS reader subscriptions for relevant articles and new ideas
Check Google Alerts to see when and where your business is mentioned on the Web for new opportunities.

Create and monitor communities and topics on sites like Facebook or LinkedIn use social media for business to boost your site’s SEO
An active social media presence builds brand loyalty Address problems immediately

The ROI on social media ads is unbeatable. The average cost per click (CPC) on Google Adwords is between $1 and $2, and depending on the targeted keywords, you can end up paying $50 or more for a single click. Through targeted, boosted posting, we’ve been able to send traffic via Facebook and Pinterest for as little as $0.12 per click. Why pay ten or twenty times as much for each visit when social media ads make earning that traffic quick and easy?
Simply put, social media marketing is part of doing business in the new millennium. If your business isn’t already active on social networking sites, now is the time to start.

Website Design

Affordable Website Design


Wedsite Design

Even for start-ups, maintaining a presence on the Internet is imperative. A good  affordable web site design:

  • Shows investors and customers alike that the firm is technologically savvy.
  • Positions the firm to take advantage of economies of scale.
  • Enhance communications.
  • Increase the sales reach.
  • Communicates your vision.
  • Impress Investors
  • Lead generation

Like any other document or communication that will be seen by the general public, a affordable web site design  web site and Internet strategy development require careful planning and thought. This planning should be clearly demonstrated in the company’s business plan.

As they go through the entire business planning process, you and your team should give thought to a domain name suitable you your particular enterprise and easy to recall. Domain names are essentially their street address on the information super-highway.

Registering a domain name reserves the name and enables the Internet to correctly route web traffic to their site. Each domain name corresponds to a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address a series of numbers. The information and coding that make up a web site are generally “Hosted” by a third part. These web-hosting companies have the communication and computing infrastructure necessary to make fast, uninterrupted connections.

Mobile Responsive and Affordable Web Design

Website Design
Marketing and Design Studio

More and more of your target audience is viewing websites using smart phones and tablets.

What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

Web Design is the process of creating a website to represent your business, brand, product and services. It involves the planning and execution of many important elements to be user-friendly, functional, and to be an effective representation of your brand or an online extension of your office.

Having a mobile responsive website means that your visitors will not have difficulties reading texts, viewing product galleries, viewing pricing and comparison tables, reports. Photos and videos whether they are using a desktop computer, a laptop or devices with smaller screens such that of a smart phone or a tables ( ex: iPhone, Blackberry and iPad).

Google is a big fan of mobile responsive websites. Below is a quote directly from the official Google blog:

“Responsive web design is a technique to build web pages that alter how they look using CSS3 media queries. That is, there is one HTML code for the page regardless of the device accessing it, but it presentation changes using CSS media queries to specify which CSS rules apply for the browser displaying the page. You can learn more about responsive web design form this blog post by Google’s

Webmasters and in our recommendations. Using responsive web design has multiple advantages, including:

It keeps your desktop and mobile content on a single URL, which is easier for your users to interact with, share, and link to, and for Google’s algorithms to assign the indexing properties to your content.

Google can discover your content more efficiently as we wouldn’t need to crawl a page with the different Google-bot user agents to retrieve and index all the content.”


What is the Importance of having an OUTSTANDING website?

People go online and visit websites t learn more about businesses, brands, products and services and make business transactions. If you don’t have a website, there’s no question you need one. The only question is how fast we can build it for you ! In today’s world having a website is 100% necessary for 99% of all business owners. If you already have a website, it may need some redesigning to improve its performance and keep up with the times.

Your website is your storefront online and depending on your business model, it may be your only storefront.

Websites ( and blogs) also serve as the central hub for online marketing where traffic is ultimately directed to convert into customers. Even social media traffic typically ends up converting into $$ once they hit your website. We use WordPress, the world’s most popular website development platform, to build your website. WordPress’ commitment to keep its platform current means website will always have the capacity to be updat3ed to keep up with current technology.

All of your online marketing efforts, such as SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing will rely on a well-designed mobile-friendly website where your landing pages and blogs are built to convert traffic to leads and leads to customers.

Why Should You Have a Mobile Responsive Website?

Global share of mobile web traffic has been sky rocking

Why not just build a mobile version of your website?

On June 6th 2012, and again of February 11th, 2014, Google published that the #1 format they want to see a mobile website build as in the “Mobile responsive” method. See below for the exact quote directly form Google’s mouth:

“Sites that use responsive web design, i.e. sites that serve all devices on the same set of URLS, with each URL serving the same HTML to all devices and using just CSS to change how the page is rendered on the device. This is Google’s recommended configuration.”

Mobile device usage is increasing

  • Smartphones &Tablets pushed overall time spent online by 93% in just 3 years
  • 958 billion minutes spent online in 2013 using PCs, smartphones, & Tablets
  • From only 497 billion minutes three years before

Why Choose Us?

Responsive Web Design is a rather new technology with only started to pick up in 2012. Thus, not many service providers have acquired the technical knowledge and the capabilities produce mobile responsive web sites like we have.

Choosing us as your web design provider eliminates the need for you to build and develop the technical know-how and tools required to build a mobile responsive website. It also removes the need for you to hire and train a team which be very expensive and time-consuming.

Our web designers and developers have extensive web design experience and are at the forefront of emerging technologies, tools and applications in mobile responsive web design.

To get a preview of our competency in designing mobile responsive websites and regular websites alike-as well as social media banner design and logo design, visit: Web Design and Pricing.

In-depth Consultation

We believe that understanding our customers needs and objectives are crucial to providing superior services and so we take the time to know your business, brand, products/services, target market, customers, and your competitors. We factor all of these into our web design strategy and recommend the right package for you.

We follow a cycle beginning with in-depth consultation before we strategize and build the best mobile responsive website for you. We then measure and analyze results and listen to your feedback and apply continuous improvement to your web design as needed.

Summary of What We Do

Installation, Configuration and Customization

We will install your WordPress theme or custom WordPress design that will depict the layout and the graphical interface of your site. Based on our consultation with you, we make sure that an appropriate WordPress payout and design is chosen conforming to the intended purpose and function of your website.

The selected layout and design will also be in compliance with W3C and SEO standards. We will also setup your WordPress blog and make sure it is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your website from a design perspective.

Graphic Design and Mock-ups

Following content and design analysis, we will provide a affordable web design mockups (for custom websites) and source relevant images and strategically embed these on your website. We make sure these images are visually engaging and complement the overall aesthetics and the written content.

Contact Forms

We will install a fully functional basic contact form based on the pertinent information provided. The contact form is your main tool for converting casual site visitors into a lead or a potential customer.

Email Installation and Configuration

We will install your Google business email using the domain name of your website. Each of the 10 users will have access to Google Mail, Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Website Backup, Migration and Installation

We will do a website backup and store it for you for 3 months just in case something happens on your live website down the line. Data backups will offer benefits for you if you want to effectively store multiple copies of web-based data in a secure location. We make sure that you will have easy access to your backup files. We will then transfer all your integral website files to a new reliable host which will remotely monitor the status of your site on their server. This service will cover all of the procedures and prerequisites of a through website migration.

What is the Next Step?

Send us an email or give us a call: 909-254-6120 to schedule an appointment

Engage our services and get the following:

  •  A affordable website design that is mobile responsive web design platform based on where the technology is headed along with thorough market and consumer behavior research and analysis.
  • In-depth consultation with you to tailor-fit your web design project with your marketing goals.
  • Grow your network and get more referrals and join other business owners who are enjoying the elite status of having a affordable mobile responsive website.
  • Stop losing opportunities when mobile device users visit your website. Make your website a user-friendly, content-driven, robust platform for online marketing and beat your competition.

Send us an email or give us a call to schedule an appointment


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