How to Answer to Negative Reviews

How to answer to negative reviews

Believe it or not, the same premise applies to negative review response as it does to positive reviews. How you answer to a negative review impacts not only the reviewer but all the sets of eyes that come afterward. Seeing a business handle a particularly challenging review online suggests that management is proud of their business and willing to go the extra mile to maintain their reputation!

Make potential clients see the light with these four steps: apologies, promote, get offline, keep it simple.

How to answer to negative reviews

  1. Apologize and sympathize The first step towards fixing a problem is acknowledging that one occurred. Regardless of what happened, a simple apology and sympathy for your customer’s experience go a long way.
  2. Promote So the famous crab cakes weren’t up to par the day this particular customer visited. If they’re what you are known for, why not reiterate that? “Our crab cakes are usually a hit, we’re sorry to hear that they weren’t up to par when you visited!”
  3. Move the conversation offline Don’t open a can of worms. Keep the lid on tight by offering the reviewer the chance to reach out via phone, email, or both.
  4. Keep it simple Avoid specifics and don’t ask questions. Those conversations are much better served in a space away from the prying public.

One last pro tip: leave your business name, location, and category out of this. You don’t want your negative reviews showing up in the search!

Answer to negative review

Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? You can use software to pull in your reviews from all over the web so you can respond quickly. And if you don’t have time, seek out our Digital Agency services to do it for you. Not only do we guarantee expertise, we guarantee it in a hurry: we respond to reviews as soon as our software pulls them in!

Managing online reputation includes Reviews, accurate business information, and now social media activity impact a business’s reputation and influences whether a consumer decides to do business with them. Businesses need a way to manage all of these factors in a scalable way.

With Reputation Management, you can keep on top of online activity affecting the reputation of a business, including reviews, listings, and social media, helping you make expert recommendations, and provide proof-of-performance.

Grow revenue and keep your clients for longer with Reputation ManagementOur study shows that business clients who purchase Reputation Management are more likely to remain your clients for longer compared to those who do not. 

Reputation Management helps cut through the clutter associated with managing online reputations. Give your clients control over the most important aspects of their reputation, including reviews, listings, and social media.

Connecting with customers is easy with built-in smart review responses and powerful review insights backed by artificial intelligence! And with reporting built right in, you can show your clients how you have helped them improve their reputation over time.

With the Product-Led Growth Program, you can offer prospects a free version of Reputation Management and let them tell you when they’re ready to be a paying client. See the feature breakdown below:

Video Logo

Customer Testimonial Video Reviews

Customer Testimonial Video

Product Name: Story Tap

What is it:

Video Platform to make it easy to get your customers to give you Video testimonials about your business, shop, products.

How it helps:

Written reviews are like fax machines; old tech, unshareable and 30% (min) are fake. Written reviews are costing businesses billions in lost sales and brand trust.


  • The Story Starter package is a StoryTap branded whitelable (for customers) with your client’s brand front and centre as a co-brand.
  • Up to 5 videos per month
  • Up to 25 product SKUs
  • Star rating feature
  • 1 Video review script/Story Guide- that can be edited
  • YouTube integration
  • Auto website video embed (with star ratings)
  • Organized video library to download or share by video story or video sound bite
  • Customizable video release
  • Video analytics and more


  • You have to watch a few training videos to get started.
  • Your staff will need to know how to install ( we have support to help)

Frequently asked questions

Video reviews are social proof and will drive conversion rates for your business by up to 80%. But collecting video from customers is hard, really hard (without StoryTap). And collecting great, authentic, marketing-ready video reviews is even harder. Measuring its performance? Nearly impossible! Why is it so hard? Because customers don’t know what to say and on video everyone wants to look and sound smart.

We often see these three things happen: Customers don’t record even though they say they will, they ramble on and on, or they will read from a piece of paper. And since video files are very large, it’s difficult to send or receive them. Plus, customers need to sign a video release.

What a headache! StoryTap solves all of those pain points and removes these barriers.

Average people are smart, they know you’ll use their video review on your site and social feeds. StoryTap is built so all customers need to do is fill-in-the-blanks. A story prompt is story suggestion where the end-user will fill in the blanks with their own story like: “Say: Hi, my name is (name), from (city) and I like recording video reviews because…”. The end user might say “Hi, I’m Bernadette, from New York City and I like recording video because it’s faster!” The story prompt will show up on the teleprompter.

story guide is the entire story. For example a video review story guide might have three story prompts: Introduction/what product their reviewing, what they like best, recommendation—all framed like fill-in-the-blanks story prompts.

Currently any story guide can be written in any Latin language. The platform itself is being sold as English only. If you need other languages, please contact your account administrator for this pricing.

Upon activation, StoryTap is available through the Business Center. How-to video tutorials are available anytime.

Every video review/ story guide comes with an unique URL link. This will launch a customized version of the story guide that was created for your video reviews. It’s always best to automate this ask for a video review after purchase, or trigger it 5 days later. The StoryTap URL can be emailed, hyperlinked or you can create a vanity link and add it on the printed receipt. StoryTap even offers a customizable email invite tool where you can import your client’s database from their CRM to ask and remind users to record a video review just to kick off the campaign. The email reminders stop when a video is recorded. 

You can get a video review campaign setup in under 10 minutes. No technical skills required. To embed the videos on to your site, if you’re using a Wix, or Weebly site, you’ll need to use the app provided that says “Embed code”, the rest is straight forward, will take a non-technical person about 10 minutes to set up. Note if your company is built using custom code, you will need to ask your development team to assist you in adding the video embed code to the site. For adding videos to you Youtube, this is much faster than downloading each one and uploading it– StoryTap makes this fast, just a few clicks and you’re rocking and rolling.

There are two parts to StoryTap’s magic: 1) the collecting of the video reviews or video content and 2) the friend-to-friend influencing (note: this feature is ONLY available on Social Savvy package or Brand Boss package). To simply collect the video, it’s an ask. It’s always nice to thank your customers for recording a video review for you/taking the time to do it. You could also thank them with offering 10% off their next purchase. This is not an incentive, its just saying “thanks, we appreciate you”. We see results with a simple $25 credit to your service, or even a gift certificate for 5 cups of coffee. Now, asking your customers to share to their friends on social (again note: available only on Social Savvy package or Brand Boss package) with StoryTap, you can see analytics of how many share their video, we track it, you can also see what people are saying about it, and drive traffic back to your site or to buy. For this you need to incentivize (if you’re a for-profit company). We see best results with “Please share with your friends. By doing so, you automatically enter to win X” and have X valued at $200, could be a visa gift card, a dinner out etc. and ensure they understand the odds are great!

Your customers can record from any modern smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop with a camera and an internet connection.

No, StoryTap runs on the users internet browser, no plugins, apps to download or fancy technical hoops to jump through.

You  will own the videos. The person recording will grant whatever legal name is included within the video release (that you enter). Then, the video is yours to use and share. Note: StoryTap hosts the videos on your website and when customers share to social media, you must have an active account for these videos to be available.

Yes. StoryTap loves creativity. However, StoryTap adheres to standard social media policies found within Facebook, Twitter etc. Learn more at

Yes. We have support on the platform, and you can also contact us

Redrock SEO is a B2B or B2C platform

Why I recommend StoryTap.

We now live in a video economy. Global Video accounts for 72% of all internet traffic in 2018 with projected growth of over 85% in the net three years.

Video reviews are here, They are changing how we shop.

Customers want fast, real product info by real people who look and sound like “them”

Customers are tired of sifting through fake written reviews. Fake reviewing is a new industry, fake is growing at 30%.

Customers are searching by “video” without video, your products don’t show up.

Frequently asked questions

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Workflow Optimization is a cross platform message optimization app for all devices. Contact Us

List Builder

List Building Software Review

List Builder Software Review

Product Name:List Builder Pro Sync: Quickly establish accurate business listings on dozens of reputable sites. Plus, sync to Google My Business, Facebook, and Twitter for no additional charge. List Building Software Review to get more information.

Listing Sync Pro gives you a single dashboard to control how your client’s business appears across the internet. With the click of a button, you can instantly create and update listings across an established network of sites. Better yet, it keeps information protected from third-party changes—putting you in control of your client’s online brand.

List Building

Listing Distribution: Build accurate business listings on the four major data aggregators—Foursquare, Factual, Infogroup, and Neustar Localeze.

Listing Distribution gives you a single dashboard to submit, update, and monitor your clients’ business information across data aggregators: Neustar/Localeze, Foursquare, Infogroup, and Factual.

These aggregators share your clients’ business information with a network of directories that power search engines, navigation systems, voice search, mobile apps, and more—and create accurate listings customers can count on.

Who is it for?

  • Local Business Owners

  • Marketing Agencies 


  •  Automated – submit, update, and monitor your  business information across the major data aggregators, all from a single dashboard.

  • Report on the syndication of your clients’ data and proof of performance in citations. The  platform shows when data has been synced with each of the four data aggregators and your clients’ growth in citations over time

  • Showcase your clients’ brand with photos and highlighting products and services. Offer more information like hours of operation and payment methods. Enhancing online listings will make customers more likely to buy

  • Build your clients’ online presence, drive customers to their door, and boost their SEO. The correctness, quality, and amount of citations a business has all contribute to local search rankings.


A staff member must monitor the software or hire an agency to monitor and report on a monthly bases.



Why is a strong presence important for local business?

A strong presence is the first step toward success. With Listing Builder, your clients are getting the most essential set of tools they need to start building their online reputation.


And after you give it to them—for free!—they’ll need more of your solutions to take their marketing to the next level.


Why is it important for local businesses to have a mobile optimized listing?

For SEO, priority is given to good customer experience on mobile devices.

Consumers will use mobile devices to find desired goods or services and will generally begin these searches with a category or brand search.


For example, a brand search is “Joe’s Pizza in Denver” and a category search is “Pizza in Denver”.

(Note: On a mobile device the “in Denver” often does not need to be explicit.)


In the case of a category search, the user has intent to purchase something in a category but has not decided or does not care about the brand.

In these searches, the user’s

intent is generally heavily skewed toward proximity and location. So search engines generally deliver the closest locations and it is therefore important that location information is crawlable, is displayed on each page, and is in meta-data and keywords.

Why I recommend List Building Software

List building software will save you time and money while keeping track of your listing.  It’s important to have accurate listing so that your customers can find you.

Lead Generation Tool

Lead Generation Tool Review – 2019 Best tool on the market

BrightLocal” BrightLocal is a specialist local SEO platform that provides affordable reporting tools and services for digital marketing agencies, big brands, and Small Business. Founded in the UK in 2008, BrightLocal today serves over 60,000 customers across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Our fast and accurate local SEO reporting saves them time and money every week, and they trust BrightLocal to help them improve SEO performance, manage reputations, and win new business.

Lead Generation

Engage site visitors and get more leads.Allow visitors to your agency website to create a free, auto-generated local search audit so you can follow up with a professional solution to their issues. Here’s how it works…




Convert high-value leads and win more business

  • Get everything you need to qualify a lead
  • View and contact all leads without leaving BrightLocal
  • Check contact information and review audit reports
  • Read messages and update lead status
  • Lead alerts allow you to act quickly and win new business
New Lead Profile

Comment below let me know what you think about this Lead Generation Tool.