How to Answer to Negative Reviews

How to answer to negative reviews

Believe it or not, the same premise applies to negative review response as it does to positive reviews. How you answer to a negative review impacts not only the reviewer but all the sets of eyes that come afterward. Seeing a business handle a particularly challenging review online suggests that management is proud of their business and willing to go the extra mile to maintain their reputation!

Make potential clients see the light with these four steps: apologies, promote, get offline, keep it simple.

How to answer to negative reviews

  1. Apologize and sympathize The first step towards fixing a problem is acknowledging that one occurred. Regardless of what happened, a simple apology and sympathy for your customer’s experience go a long way.
  2. Promote So the famous crab cakes weren’t up to par the day this particular customer visited. If they’re what you are known for, why not reiterate that? “Our crab cakes are usually a hit, we’re sorry to hear that they weren’t up to par when you visited!”
  3. Move the conversation offline Don’t open a can of worms. Keep the lid on tight by offering the reviewer the chance to reach out via phone, email, or both.
  4. Keep it simple Avoid specifics and don’t ask questions. Those conversations are much better served in a space away from the prying public.

One last pro tip: leave your business name, location, and category out of this. You don’t want your negative reviews showing up in the search!

Answer to negative review

Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? You can use software to pull in your reviews from all over the web so you can respond quickly. And if you don’t have time, seek out our Digital Agency services to do it for you. Not only do we guarantee expertise, we guarantee it in a hurry: we respond to reviews as soon as our software pulls them in!

Managing online reputation includes Reviews, accurate business information, and now social media activity impact a business’s reputation and influences whether a consumer decides to do business with them. Businesses need a way to manage all of these factors in a scalable way.

With Reputation Management, you can keep on top of online activity affecting the reputation of a business, including reviews, listings, and social media, helping you make expert recommendations, and provide proof-of-performance.

Grow revenue and keep your clients for longer with Reputation ManagementOur study shows that business clients who purchase Reputation Management are more likely to remain your clients for longer compared to those who do not. 

Reputation Management helps cut through the clutter associated with managing online reputations. Give your clients control over the most important aspects of their reputation, including reviews, listings, and social media.

Connecting with customers is easy with built-in smart review responses and powerful review insights backed by artificial intelligence! And with reporting built right in, you can show your clients how you have helped them improve their reputation over time.

With the Product-Led Growth Program, you can offer prospects a free version of Reputation Management and let them tell you when they’re ready to be a paying client. See the feature breakdown below:

Top Three SEO Predictions For 2020

How to become an online entrepreneur
Red Rock website logo

Top Thee SEO Predictions For 2020

1. Authority is king.

Domain authority has always been a huge ranking factor, and it’s no different in 2020. What has changed, however, is how you earn it.

Links used to be the building blocks of a site’s authority. Collecting backlinks was the name of the game. The more backlinks you had, the higher your domain authority.

Does this still apply in 2020? Well, yes and no.

Links are still very important, but it’s more about trust signals and representing yourself as a brand.

If you want to compete with the big sites that dominate the search engine results page rankings, you’ll need to play like the big sites do — by creating amazing content and building up your brand.

So how do you demonstrate your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness?

First things first: Focus on creating accurate, relevant and interesting content within your field of expertise. Then, clean up your site by getting rid of thin content, broken links and other technical errors. Be transparent about who you are; set up “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages. Finally, build your credibility by getting off-site citations and backlinks from high-ranking or high-authority sites.

Focus on trust, and you will build up your domain authority naturally, organically and sustainably.

2. Organic search real estate will become smaller.

Remember when Google’s search engine results were populated by actual pages, and you had to climb your way up to #1 just to be seen? Today’s search engine results page couldn’t be more different, thanks to Google AdWords, quick answer boxes, knowledge panels and, of course, the coveted featured snippet.

This means that there’s less room for you to rank organically … but it also means that you have more ways to get noticed by searchers.

Featured snippets are a great way for you to outrank your competitors without actually having to reach the #1 rank. Snippets are placed at the top of the results page above the #1 result, which is also called rank 0.

According to SEMRush, as of this writing, almost 14% of searches have featured snippets. This means that there’s plenty of opportunities for you to snatch the top spot with a well-written, well-formatted snippet.

Check out keywords that you already rank for. You have a pretty slim chance of getting a featured snippet if you aren’t in the top 10 results for that keyword — ideally, you should be in the top five or three. You can use tools like SurferSEO or Ahrefs to find your best-performing keywords.

Then, incorporate “snappable” content into your site. The most common featured snippet type is paragraph snippet. The best way to have Google pull it as a snippet is to write it in an easy question-and-answer format. Keep it short; 40-60 words is the sweet spot.

Featured snippets can also come in the form of lists or tables, so don’t forget to use those formats when appropriate.

3. The answer is on page one.

Google is notoriously opaque about what works and what doesn’t. But despite the numerous challenges and increasing complexity of doing SEO in 2020, it’s surprisingly easier than ever to reverse-engineer the best industry practices.

How? By looking at the top results, learning from them and implementing similar strategies in your own site.

Let’s break down the process into a few steps:

1. Plug your desired keywords into Google.

2. Take a look at the first page, and notice these elements:

• The title tag, URL, meta description: How are these written? What other keywords should you include?

• Content: What kind of content is it (blog, video, etc.)? How long is it? What is the structure? What keywords does it use?

• Website: Is it mobile-friendly? What’s the domain authority? How fast is the page?

• Off-page SEO: How many backlinks does it have? From which websites? What about social media?

3. Using these insights (plus SEO tools), you can see what your competitors are doing right and what they need to improve on. Then, create content and build backlinks in a better way.

Change your SEO strategy in 2020.

In 2020, Google is putting a much bigger emphasis on sites that provide high-quality, authoritative and reliable content. Focus on building your trust signals, creating rich feature snippets and reverse-engineering your competitors’ strategies, and you’ll be all set for SEO success in 2020.


11 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO in 2020

Manage All of your digital marketing in one place


Why Does Your Site Need To Be Optimized for local search?

Well, we all hear the term search engine optimization. And you always think that why I have to be higher in the ranking on the search engines. Think from a visitor’s perspective, when you search something on the web you prefer to visit the top few sites. Yes, this is exactly the reason you should get better rankings in the search engine. If your site would be in the top few queries, then you will get more and more visitors. So the search engine optimization is the set of practices used for the increased visibility and relevancy of a site in the search engine rankings.

2. Optimize Your Webpages for Local Data.

Your About Page, Contact Page, and site content has to be optimized for search engines in order for your site to be successful. That’s just a given in general, but it also makes a difference in local searches as well.

Make sure your About and location pages are current and that the information isn’t duplicated across multiple webpages. You don’t want to confuse search engines who are looking to rank them.

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3. Craft Detailed Social Profiles.

The more fleshed out and specific your social media profiles are, the more engaged your audience will be. Consumers crave context when it comes to businesses, so don’t deny them.

Local audiences will appreciate seeing that you’re within their area and will look to see if you’re active within the community, both online and off.

Monitor your social media pages and be sure to reply to questions and comments

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4. Write Location-Specific Content.

Blogs are a great means of driving traffic and ranking on SERPs, but they can also help boost your local SEO.

Be sure to plan blogs about location-specific events, local topics, and other such articles into your content strategy. If you provide location-specific information in the titles and URL slugs, then you’ll be helping your local SEO value.

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5. Earn Local Reviews.

Reviews won’t only help your SEO. This is how you’ll attract new customers. Word of mouth marketing is a great friend to marketing teams, as it validates and justifies a purchase before it even happens.

Positive reviews on Google and Yelp will let the search engine know that you’re seen as a valuable solution, so encourage them as often as you can. You can even put Yelp review badges or link your Google reviews to your site to showcase them in real time.

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6. Respond to All Reviews.

This is almost as important as asking for them.

People value engagement and interactivity, especially when they’re voicing their thoughts. Whether positive or negative, respond to reviews in a timely manner. Make sure to personalize the message and be honest in them.

If someone has a complaint, be transparent about finding a solution for them to better their experience.

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7. Get Listed on Online Directories.

Directories, like, Yelp, and Bing, allow you to add your business to their listings. The more directories you’re in, the more referral links and mentions search engines will take note of.

These links and mentions boost your rankings on SERPs, which is excellent for your SEO goals. You can use Moz’s local listings tool to help optimize your information for these directories.

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8. Make a Facebook Business Page.

Facebook is a sort of directory in its own right, but there are more advantages to it than just a listing.

Many consumers use Facebook as a search engine today, vetting business and opportunities via the social platform. If your company doesn’t have any sort of presence on it, then you may as well not exist.

Create a business page with accurate contact information and update it regularly. Google will notice that you’re in a specific area and boost you in local searches. If you’re looking to really get some attention, include photos, reviews, and details about your business for customers to engage with.

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9. Keep Contact Info Consistent.

This may sound kind of basic and easy, but you’d be surprised by how much information is overlooked or irregularly updated.

Be consistent with your NAP (name, address, phone number) across your webpages, listings, reviews, social media, and anywhere else your business information is listed.

This way, no matter how a customer finds you, they’ll be given accurate information.

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10. Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website.

It’s absolutely imperative that you make your business mobile friendly. Most, if not all, of your customers use a mobile device to search and learn about… well, everything.

If your website isn’t accessible by mobile means, then users will quickly move on to another company that is. The demand for convenience and accessibility isn’t going anywhere.

Develop and optimize your landing pages to be mobile friendly and easy to navigate for customers.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar store, local SEO is an important cog in the strategies that keep your business going. Once you start implementing these practices, you’ll watch your local search results improve and notice a different sort of engagement with your customers!


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11. Own Your Google My Business Page.

This is probably the most essential piece to the local SEO puzzle. The Google My Business Page gives users all of the details necessary to get in contact with your company, provided you’ve filled it out properly.

Google itself finds it easier to recommend you when it “knows” more about you. To achieve this, make sure you are being thorough in taking ownership of your business’ online presence. Be sure to include:

Phone number
Hours of operation
Photos of your location, products, etc
Accurate, specific category listings

The benefits of hiring an SEO agency is endless. However, you have to take full advantage of them by going through thorough research before hiring them. There are many fraudulent SEO companies  who tend to be a professional one, but in reality, they are not. Do research before hiring an SEO agency so that you can make sure of your success in the long run.


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“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used Red Rock’s marketing platform. I had to juggle all my various tasks in my mind throughout the day.
Red Rock’s marketing platform helped me get more organized, and now I simply get more done.”

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Voice Search

How to Drive Traffic with Voice Search

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The voice search revolution is well and truly upon us


Voice Search SEO

 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. which means that if you don’t want to lose traffic and customers, you need to start optimizing your website for voice search now.

Making the transition isn’t hard.

All it takes on your part is an understanding of how people who use voice search behave – as well as what they’re looking for. Let us optimize your website for voice search.

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google my business

Focus on Local SEO

If you aren’t already focusing on local SEO, now is the time to do it.

58% of us are already using voice search to find local businesses.

Why? When people use their mobile devices, a lot of the time they’re on the go.

They want to find actionable information that will help them there and then.

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Google My Business

It’s also a good idea to add “Near me” in your keywords, but for this to be effective you need to add your business to Google My Business first.

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Google my business

marketing video production

Marketing Video Production

 Video Marketing Software

Create, distribute, and monetize your video instantly.

 Marketing  Video Production Expert
Gives Out His Winning Software! 

This is seriously exciting, Blake Goodwin, is finally releasing his proprietary technology.

This is built from the same strategies, step by step techniques and tactics that are used for countless campaigns.

 …And you’re the kind of person who likes shortcuts so you don’t waste years of your life and a lot of your money making mistakes or trying to “reinvent the wheel”.

  • Marketers use video in your social media campaigns  

  • Business Owners use video to attract new customers and Branding

  • Students and Teachers use video to teach new courses and learn new subjects.

  • Professional Bloggers use video in your blogs for better rankings.

Blake Quit His Job Then Started And
Grew A Video Marketing Company
To Over 2 Million in Sales…

And he did this all from home, 100% video production

Blake specializes in niche video marketing. That’s what he does. 

…When he’s not doing video marketing, he’s sleeping.​ 

Let’s just say, he lives, and breathes video marketing, video seo, video creation, anything video…

He runs his own full time video optimization agency​…And teaches others these same strategies and tools.


What are people saying?

Blake ​is all about marketing video whether it is for Donald Trump, eHarmony, Rotor Rooter, or your local business. 

His campaigns are unstoppable. And it’s not because he stays up all night clicking on links. 

He puts in the work to create the most strategic video marketing campaigns ever built. 

The Unfair Advantage and
Ultimate Shortcut…

Until now, his methods have been secret, and for as long as he allows, you can get your hands on the very same software. 

…This tool leverages the same strategies, techniques, and processes he has used to create winning campaign after
winning campaign every year for 8 years. 

Can you imagine how much faster you would be able to start and grow your business by unlocking
these same proven formulas instead of having to create them from scratch…

How much time would you save?

How much trial & error you would avoid?

Let’s take a look at some advanced ninja features!

RESEARCH: Pulls all the video results for your market through You tube’s API for competitive analysis.

CREATION:  Integrates with Google Slides so you can record your voiceover, add music and convert it into an incredible video.

NETWORKS:  With 1-Click-Integration connects to the authority social networking sites, blogs, bookmarking outlets and video platforms.

DISTRIBUTION:  Instantly uploads and shares your video content and links throughout the web. (You can schedule them too!)

RESULTS:  Creates a winning competitive advantage with business automation that delivers leads, sales, branding and results.

All for just $1 right now.



Local Business Listing Research and Creation

Month 1 Local and Mobile Research

Local Places Research


Duplicate Google Places Analysis

Duplicated listings for a single business can be problematic when they appear in Google search results or in a business owner’s Google Places account. There should only be one listing per business location, both in the Google Places account and in search results. We will develop the best solution should your business appear more than once in your account or in search results. We will present the proposed changes before implementing any modifications.


Duplicate Foursquare Analysis

Foursquare is one of many secondary local search engines where you will need to list/claim and verify your business. Listing and claiming your business properly with Foursquare is an essential step to improving your local presence.

One can’t create duplicate listings in Foursquare. If there’s an existing listing, we will report it to you so you can decide if you would like us to claim it. Otherwise, should Foursquare creation be part of your package, we will create and optimize a new listing for you.


Duplicate Facebook Places Analysis

Facebook allows people to share where they’ve been, where they’re headed and where they are now. This feature is an opportunity for businesses to promote their products and services within their local area.

We will find duplicate Places for your business by searching for its name or locations where people made when they checked in. If we found duplicates, we will claim and merge the duplicates to keep your customers’ likes and check-ins in one place.

Duplicate Bing Local Analysis

Having your business added properly in Bing Business Portal is an important step in improving your local presence. Bing is one of the major search engines where you can have your business listed and verified.

We will find duplicate listings in Bing by searching for its name or locations and report it to Bing if we find any duplicates.

Business Address Consistency Check among Existing Directories

It’s important for your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number to be recorded consistently across all the main search engines and local directories. Inaccurate information can be confusing for customers and more so for Google. Google likes to verify the information it holds about your business with other sources such as local online directories.

It is ideal that your Name, Address, and Phone Number are the same on each site. If there are any discrepancies, appropriate measures should be implemented. Addressing inaccurate results by claiming your listing on those directories and correcting the erroneous information effectively resolves this issue.


Google Places Compatibility Check

This section analyzes your performance in Google Places. We will examine your website’s categories, rank, verification status, number of reviews, and Google’s star rating. We will also pay close attention to your current listing if it includes any type of coupon promotions. In doing so, we are able to quickly analyze the flaws in the current Google Local Listing. Should one exist, we will immediately determine if it matches your Company Name, Phone Number, and Address.

Business Information

Business Information Intake

This form is provided to gather all the necessary information to facilitate the optimization process and should be filled out in full and returned so we may proceed with the optimization process.

Business Information Validation

It is very important that all company information on the Internet is consistent with your website. We will use the pieces of information on the form and verify them against the target website and any other directories we can find online. We do this to ensure that the information we are using is updated. This also guarantees that all information about your business on the Internet is consistent.


Business Address Verification (if applicable)

We check to make sure the address given for the business location matches a verified location in the USPS official database. It is not confirmed, but heavily believed that Google cross references the USPS official database to check the validity of a business location. We will be able to tell if the address is residential or commercial. Note: This is only for USA clients.

Email Account and Logo


Unique Email Account Creation for Local Listing Creations*

If an email account and its password are not provided once the campaign launches, we will create a unique email account for the Local Business Listing Creation process.


Turn Over of Email Account

We will be providing you with the email account and password upon delivering the monthly report. Please note that we would like to be notified if the email account’s password is changed while the campaign is still in progress so we may update our records accordingly.


Uploading of Logo for Linking into Local Listings

In order to upload a logo to a Local Business Listing, the logo must first be hosted online and assigned a corresponding URL.

Primary Local Business Directories


Google Places – Creation and Optimization

Our Google Local services include the creation, optimization and submission of a Google Local Business Listing. The listing must be claimed by receiving a PIN number. This PIN number will be sent to you within 2 weeks after we make the request. Once you receive the PIN number on the post card, you will need to email it to us so we can claim the listing for you.

Google Plus User Account Creation

If a Google Plus User account and its password are not provided once the campaign launches, we will create a Google Plus User account for you. This is required for us to create your Google Plus Business Page.


Google Plus Business Page Creation

Your Google Plus Business Page is your brand’s home on Google. When your customers search on Google, the results may include relevant posts, photos, and videos from your Google+ page. Get found across Google, right when your customers are most interested.

We will create and optimize this page for your company to have maximum exposure in Google Plus. We will help you stand out from the competition by including compelling online content such as photos and logos. We will also add your business hours, services, and other information.


Bing Local – Creation and Optimization

Our Bing Local services include the creation, optimization and submission of the Bing Business Portal. We will help you stand out from the competition by including compelling online content such as photos and logos. We will also add your business hours, services and other information. It typically takes two to three weeks for a Bing Local listing to be published.

If your business is located outside of the US, we will be creating a Yelp listing instead since the Bing Business portal is not available in your location. As with Bing, it will typically take two to three weeks for your Yelp listing to be published.


Facebook Places – Creation and Optimization

We will set up a Facebook Places Page on your behalf. People can check in to this Page when they’re nearby. We will make sure that your Facebook Page contains accurate information. We will add your company description, phone number, location, hours of operation, specialties, services, payment options, etc. Facebook Places requires phone verification.


Foursquare – Creation and Optimization

Claiming and verifying your listing in Foursquare is the first step to get discovered and be successful in Foursquare. Foursquare has millions of business listings, all submitted by customers who go to those places.

We will find your business and make sure that the information for your claimed business is accurate. We will add your company description, phone number, hours of operation as well as links to your website and social media profiles – Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Verification of Foursquare will require a credit card payment of $1.

Additional Major Local Business Directories

Major Local Directory Account Creation and Optimization

While setting up your listings in Primary Local Business Directories, we will also submit your business information to major local directories such as Yelp, Judy’s Book, and Insider Pages. As more and more local consumers turn to the Internet to find information about local businesses, these citation directories are growing in popularity. These citation directories can be a direct source of new customers, and they can also boost your local presence.

Major Niche or Geo Related Directory Account Creation and Optimization

We will conduct a research to find niche specific or geo related directories. Using this data, we will be able to not only target the directories that is niche specific or geo targeted for better local presence, but we will be also able to find directories where your target market hangs out. Our ability to use specialized research and citation/directory tracking resources will give us a leg up on your competition.

Image Creation, Optimization, and Publication

High Quality Image Sourcing
We will find compelling, high quality, relevant images to represent your brand. Finding the right image is crucial in increasing your sales, market share and brand recognition.


Image Optimization

We will optimize the branded images without changing their look or visual quality. These images will load fast, which
increases the likelihood of being exposed to consumers in the World Wide Web. Images will have the ability to index
in the search engines when your clients type in relevant keywords describing your business. Images are often times
part of the first page search engine results.


Image Uploading/Publishing in Major Local Business Directories
Branded images will also be uploaded to the primary 2 local business directories in a form of an update. This will help in increasing brand awareness, which could later lead to sales and conversions.

Misc. Service Items


Dedicated IP Services

We will provide a dedicated IP for link building purposes. We do this to ensure the link building quality and increase the likelihood of approval for the links we are building. This is because having a dedicated IP allows for a higher approval percentage of the links we build and increases the indexing power behind those links in the major search engines.

IP services will also be utilized when creating your accounts.

  • Reporting and Auditing
  • Internal Report Auditing and Analysis

All Reporting is subjected to a monthly routine auditing and assessment process. We perform this auditing on a monthly basis to assure that all reports are up to date, error-free, and properly formatted.

The auditing process includes, but is not limited to, the checking of the following:

1. Format
2. Link status analysis
3. 100% of the month’s work is completed in full
4. Report is updated accordingly
5. Fixing of errors or dead links


Work Reports
All tasks will be tracked throughout the whole month and are reflected on the monthly report, which includes all progress and final outcomes.


Month 2 & Ongoing Monthly

Custom (Citation) Building

Directory Research
We will conduct research to find all the directories your competition has listings in, and use other variables to research additional directories you should be listed in, but are currently not. Using these data, we will be able to not only target the directories that really matter, but we will also be able to track the number of active directories you are listed in versus the average number of directories your competitors are listed in. Our ability to use specialized research and citation/directory tracking resources will give us a leg up on your competition.The purpose of this analysis is to gauge where your competition is. In doing so, we can better tailor a unique citation building campaign in line with your Local Listing Optimization Campaign and overall SEO efforts.
Specialized Directory Creation
Collectively, Local Online Citation Directories are the modern equivalent of the Yellow Pages. As more and more local consumers turn to the Internet to find information about local businesses, these citation directories are growing in popularity. These citation directories can be a direct source of new customers, and they can also boost your local places rankings.The directories we decide to build new listings in will be determined by the “Directory Research” as described in the above line item. Another way to gain prominence on these citation directories is to enhance your listing with more detail about your business.We will create directory listings using (limited to) the below information.*Company Name
*Local Phone Number
*Email Address
*Products and Brands

Specialized Directory Creation

Blog Comment Posting OR Review Publication

Collectively, Local Online Citation Directories are the modern equivalent of the Yellow Pages. As more and more local consumers turn to the Internet to find information about local businesses, these citation directories are growing in popularity. These citation directories can be a direct source of new customers, and they can also boost your local places rankings.

We will create directory listings using (limited to) the below information.

*Company Name
*Local Phone Number
*Email Address
*Products and Brands


Blog Comment Posting OR Review Publication

You may choose between Blog Comment Posting AND Review Publication

For the Blog Comment Posting: we will conduct research to find blogs that are relevant to your business, and perform posting of relevant comments with reference to your business.

For the Review Publication: Upon being furnished with reviews you have collected, we will publish each of them to one of the major review publication websites.

Social Media Management

Social Media Optimization – Facebook

Social Media Optimization – Facebook

Facebook Setup and Design

SMO Profile Creation, Design & Optimization  Social Media Optimization - Facebook

Facebook Profile Setup

Facebook Profile Creation & Optimization

Contact us for consultation

Facebook, the social network that’s “free and always will be,” is widely regarded as the most dominant social network. Here, you can share thoughts, ideas, pictures, and links to sites and articles that are near and dear to your heart. To start, we’ll be asking for accurate details that we can use to start building your corner of the social network. These include an Email Address, the Full Name of the designated account owner, the person’s Location, and a Profile Picture. Target keywords can also be inserted into the ‘About’ section of the profile upon request. If there is already a Facebook Profile that you would like us to use, we would need to ask for its access details (Username and Password), and we will be optimizing it for added visual appeal and target audience impact.

Banner Customization of Facebook Profile

With the new Timeline view, users are given the opportunity to give their own visual flavor to their profile. We will be customizing your Facebook Profile banner (the main image that visitors see on top of your profile page) to help you maximize the number of friends you can get. We’ll be asking you to provide us with the images that we will customize and insert in your Facebook Profile’s header.

Banner Image Sourcing, Editing, Resizing, and Customizing

If there is no specific picture that you would like us to use, you could simply give us some directions on the kind of image you’d like the Profile to convey. Based on those, we will be collecting different images and incorporating them into the Banner picture. We will edit and customize these images to fit the Banner concept and apply them. Once we finish with this task, the completed Banner picture will be incorporated into a mockup of the Facebook profile, which will be sent back for feedback. After approval, the mockup can be implemented for the live Facebook Profile.

Facebook Business Page Creation & Optimization

Aside from personal profiles, Facebook allows businesses to have their own Business Pages to interact with customers. Announcements on upcoming events, sales, discounts, and other offerings can be made. Many businesses have also found Pages to be useful for getting customer feedback; loyal and satisfied customers can post positive testimonials here. Setting up a Page on Facebook will evidently be helpful in increasing your online visibility. If the content of the page is appealing enough to the target audience, it can also be very helpful in getting additional customers.

Facebook Business Page Design w/ Image Sourcing, Editing, Resizing, and Customizing

Similar to the Facebook Profile, we will be using images to make the Page more attractive to visitors. If necessary, a color scheme that fits with the brand will be followed. The company or business logo will be incorporated, and niche-oriented pictures will also be used. We will also be asking if there are specific pictures that you would like to use. A mockup will be created for the Business Page and sent for feedback to you. Upon approval, the design will be implemented.

Branded Content Writing for Facebook Business Page

First impressions are crucial, and for many people, Facebook may be the first instance where they encounter your brand. To give them a proper introduction, the content of the page must be consistent with how the brand is displayed elsewhere. We will be writing branded content to post on your Business Page, with particular attention to the ‘About Us’ section, to give customers a proper preview of the company or business. It is also important to assure loyal customers that your voice is the same, no matter where they find you.

Facebook Profile Information

Population Credibility is important in the world of social networking, and that credibility can be measured partly by how easily people can get to know you. Sharing information about you is a great place to start. For the Facebook Profile, we will be uploading information and contact details that are sent to us for specific use there.

Branded Content Writing for Facebook Business Page SEO Tab

The Business Page SEO tab provides a quick overview of the company, its background, and its products/services. We will create branded content for the tab to include the targeted keywords in order to promote its products/services. The information we will use for this will be from the live website of the company. If this is not available, we will need to request for the company’s background and product/service information.

Website Social Integration

Social Sharing and Social Interaction Buttons Installed on Website

To increase customer engagement, it is ideal to give your audience the opportunity to interact with you. Customers who enjoy your company’s services and offerings will want to know how to get in touch. While email and customer hotlines are still around, social media is fast becoming a preferred alternative. To this end, we will also be installing buttons onto your website that will refer customers to your Facebook Business Page. Installation of Social Sharing and Social Interaction buttons will require that we have access to your site’s back end.

Misc.  Service Items

Dedicated IP Services We use dedicated IP services for your campaign to minimize risks of encountering problems with the social media site’s local security.

Report and Auditing

Internal Report Auditing and Analysis For your convenience, we will make sure that reports will include only relevant information, and that the most significant trends and inferences can be determined from the data.

Work Reports

All tasks will be tracked throughout the whole month and are reflected on the monthly report which includes all progress and final outcomes. Expect the report to be fully updated at the end of the month.

Facebook Marketing Services Packages


Social Media Services Breakdown

Facebook Profile Marketing

Facebook Profile Updates

With regular profile updates, we will ensure that your Facebook profile has credibility and presence on the social network. An online presence cannot be successfully established without activity. Facebook profile updates will be posted to the Personal Facebook profile, which is the account used to join groups and send friend requests. They will not be posted to the Facebook Page. Updates are to be created one month before they have to be posted.

Backlink Building from Page Updates

The updates on the Page are also a great chance to refer people to your website. By posting links to pages explaining your brand and services, we can entice Fans to look them up and include your offerings in their consumer decisions.

Photo Updates

Making content visually appealing tends to increase its impact. Text-only updates are less enticing than ones that incorporate pictures and are less likely to have ‘Share’ value. With Photo Updates, people are more likely to pay attention to what you have to say, and they’ll keep coming back to see what other messages you have to share.

As with profile and page updates, photo updates are conceptualized one month in advance

Misc.  Service Items

Dedicated IP Services

We use dedicated IP services for your campaign to minimize risks of encountering problems with the social media site’s local security.

Reporting and Auditing

Internal Report Auditing and Analysis For your convenience, we will make sure that reports will include only relevant information, and that the most significant trends and inferences can be determined from the data.

Work Reports

All tasks will be tracked throughout the whole month and are reflected in the monthly report, which includes all progress and final outcomes. Expect the report to be fully updated at the end of the month.


How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Can Help Your Grow Your Business

How Pay-Per-Click Can Help Your Business Grow

What Is PPC ?


Pay-per-click (PPC) is a type of online advertising where you only pay when somebody clicks your ads. It is an Internet marketing model you can use to get instant targeted traffic to your website through Google AdWords or the Bing Network.

People find products and services on search engines by typing search terms. When the search terms match your target keywords, your ads appear on top or below the organic search results.


The position of your ads against your competitors depends on how much you are bidding for your target keywords, as well as your quality score. Depending on the campaign settings, your ads may also appear on various sites that are part of the Google, and Bing networks.

There are many ways to target your customers—some of the targeting options are by device, location, language, schedule, and keyword matching. When users click any of your ads, they are directed to a landing page on your website where you can convert them to leads or customers via an inquiry, a contact form, or a ‘buy now’ button.

PPC Features

How PPC Works? An Overview


Why Do You Need PPC Advertising?


PPC advertising ( Pay-Per-Click) is the fastest way to drive instant traffic to your website. It is especially useful for direct response campaigns where an immediate action is desired and expected from target customers. This scenario also allows for cost-per-click to be measured immediately against conversions or sales to determine ROI.

PPC advertising  is also helpful in cranking up and regulating traffic volume, particularly when businesses are launching a new product or service, boosting sales during off-peak seasons, or running time-sensitive promotions. PPC gives you the power to drive traffic to your site and subsequently acquire a huge customer base on-demand.

In contrast to SEO which takes time to build rankings, PPC advertising drives traffic immediately, requires no real build-up time, and generates ROI much more quickly when done right.

Online Marketing BusinessWhen systematic split testing and optimization are done on a PPC advertising  campaign, cost-per-click goes down, and traffic translates to conversions at a higher rate.

Benefits Of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Land the Top Spot of Google’s Page 1 Search Results Instantly

Pay Only For Click

With other forms of advertising like billboard, print, TV or radio—you pay for the broad reach but lack the capability of accurately tracking the results—how many were actually influenced and converted from the campaigns.

With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks on your ads, so the amount you spend is directly proportional to the volume of traffic that the campaign generates.

Gain Targeted Traffic

search terms typed in by users. You choose the keywords that will trigger your ads—terms that your potential customers use when searching for a product or service you offer.

Keyword research and suggestion tools are also available to get insights on what people are searching for in your category.
When you use PPC, your ads are placed on the search engine results pages based on the
Also, PPC presents numerous targeting advantages, decreasing the percentage of clicks by users who are unlikely interested in your product or service.

Sharp Control Over Budget & Scheduling

With PPC, you can set a maximum budget on a daily or monthly basis. This makes your campaigns both flexible and scalable, allowing you to set a small budget when testing new ad groups and keywords, or go all-out upon determining the campaign’s ROI and impact on your bottom-line. You may also efficiently schedule your ads based on the days of the week or times of the day your target market is most likely searching for a product or service you offer.

Get Fast Measurable Results

Every keyword that triggered your ads to be displayed (impressions) and every click (CTR) and the cost-per-click for every keyword (CPC) is tracked and measured. Conversions can also be registered and tracked when they make a phone call, or when they sign up for your newsletter or fill out an order form and make a payment.

Since results can be measured at set intervals or defined periods based on improvements made, PPC allows for a systematic approach to optimization.

What your Competitors are Doing


According to a survey, businesses who have realized the power of online marketing employ paid search or PPC heavily. This underscores the possibility that your toughest competitors may have already used or may still be using PPC services. Some 90% of marketers are either retaining or increasing their PPC spending for the year ahead.

Marketers are expected to increase their online marketing budget allocation in the following areas:

Businesses have also stated their top PPC objectives, and the following emerged as the top

PPC is also often used to supplement SEO efforts, as SEO mostly makes an impact on search rankings in the long term

Why Choose Us?


Choosing us will liberate you from the burden of learning the highly technical skills required to run a PPC campaign successfully. You can focus on building and running your business while we do the job of increasing your leads and customers through PPC.

We understand your business category and niche, and we know or can quickly determine what PPC strategy will work for you based on our extensive experience. On top of this, we take the time to conduct an in-depth consultation with you to understand your business on a deeper level to effectively execute your PPC campaign.

In-Depth Consultation


We take the time to understand your business, your objectives, your product or service, your target market and their online behavior for us to deliver PPC advertising of the highest performance. CALL TODAY

What’s the next step?

Employ our services and gain the following:

  • Advanced PPC Campaign Analysis & Techniques: Strategy and tactics based on extensive research and analysis on the search engine market and PPC technologies
  • In-depth consultation: Talk to our PPC experts to discuss how we can tailor-fit your campaign to match your marketing goals.
  • Be part of an elite club: Stand out by landing the first page of Google search results and be on a par with savvy businesses that are already using PPC ads.
  • Competitive Advantage: Don’t lose out on your competition. Let the wheels turn now for more visibility, traffic, potential leads and sales and returns on investment.


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