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How to Optimize your Google my Business Listing

 5x views with Google My Business Listing

It’s true. The average Google My Business listing that has been well-maintained with Google My Business gets 5X more views than listings which haven’t been claimed by their owners. Source: Google.

Users don’t simply look things up on the internet, they Google it. And it all starts with having a local business found on Google My Business. Through our unique relationship with Google, a Marketing Strategist can quickly verify and claim your Google My Business listing. If applicable, they’ll also connect your Google My Business Insights to the platform.

What are Google My Business Insights?

Google’s official definition of Insights is that it “focuses on how customers find your listing on Search and Maps, and what they do after they find it.” The Insights panel found within your GMB dashboard provides businesses owners with customer engagement data derived from their GMB listing. This data includes information like:

  • How many views your listing had.
  • How and where customers find your listings.
  • The actions customers take on your listings.
  • And other interactions customers have with your GMB listing.

google insights

Through this service, you will receive:Google my business

  • Google My Business listing verified and claimed by a Marketing Strategist.
  • Full ownership over your Google My Business listing.
  • A connection of your Google My Business listing to the platform.

Note: there are a handful of restricted businesses that cannot be claimed with this service. This includes service area businesses, businesses with their Google My Business listing already claimed, and a list of 12 various types of businesses. Read our Listing Requirements brochure for more information. English language only.

  • Customers are 2.7x more likely to consider a business reputable if they see a complete listing on Google Search and Maps. Businesses understand the importance of being found on Google, and this service brings them one step closer to getting discovered.
  • Customers are 70% more likely to visit and are 50% more likely to consider purchasing from businesses with a complete listing. Not only will this service help your business get found, but should dramatically help increase store visits and sales.
  • You  receive regular reporting on the performance of your listing. This includes how many times consumers interact with their Knowledge Panel within search results.
  • Claiming a Google My Business listing can be time-consuming and challenging. Typically, this process requires a physical postcard to be sent to your address with a unique PIN that verifies their location.
  • Our service eliminates all of that hassle.

Managed Google Search AdsManaged Google search ads

Compliment a Google My Business listing with managed paid search ads.

Turn Google searches into website visitors for your business.

Based on keyword search, our team of digital advertising strategists will create targeted ads that will appear on Google search results Page. Ads can be customized to showcase business location, offers, and more. This is a fully managed service, so our team will do all the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Our team of strategists use industry-leading technologies including:

  • Automated bid & budget management, which uses market-leading algorithms designed to help maximize your return on ad spend.
  • Instant alerts combined with daily URL testing, to help us understand when we have errors and at-risk campaigns.
  • A global estimator tool, which combines our proprietary technology with Google’s to provide clearer estimates.
  • Google Analytics integration with UTM tags, which automatically helps us optimize your  campaigns over periods of time.

We also take advantage of Google’s library of extensions to maximize conversions.

  • Click-to-Call Extension: adds a call button next to the search result, driving qualified phone call leads directly to your business.
  • Callout Extension: showcase additional information regarding your business/product/services.
  • Location Extension: make it easy for your customers to get directions to their business.

Ready to have our team maximize your client’s Google Ads Search results?

  • Superior awareness & exposure: We use the most advanced data-driven advertising technologies to promote your  business to the right prospects on the world’s most popular search engine.
  • Rest easy knowing your campaign is being fully managed by a Google Partner.
  • Reporting: Real-time reporting through Advertising Intelligence. You will have access to campaign metrics like Clicks, CTR, Impressions, Average CPC etc.

Google My Business Posts

3 out of 4 online customers use a search engine to find a business, and 7 out of 10 online customers made a purchase from a business they found using a search engine. Source: Google.

It’s no secret: Google My Business has become a wildly important service for local businesses. Not only does a well maintained and regularly updated Google My Business listing improve SEO, but posting promotions and upcoming events will increase your customer engagement.

When a customer Googles a business, they typically look at hours of operation, location, website, and reviews. Posts that promote certain items or events for the business add to the value of having everything under the Google My Business listing; more to see, less to look for.

Through this service, the client will receive:

    • Four custom developed posts published to their Google My Business listing over the course of one month.
    • A monthly content call with a Marketing Strategist.
    • Full ownership over their Google My Business listing.
    • A connection of their Google My Business listing to the platform.

Note: Google My Business posts disappear after 7 days. As per guidelines from Google, these posts should be short with highly engaging images. No links, but will likely include a sentence or two. Google My Business posts should only be used on events or promotional items. This service is not available for business categories that belong to the lodging industry like hotels, motels, guest houses, and RV sites.

  • Roughly 1 in 5 searches on Google are related to location. Additionally, nearly one-third of all mobile searches are related to location, and location-related mobile searches are growing 50% faster than all mobile searches. Google My Business posts not only appear in search results, but also on Google Maps. This is a massive opportunity for local businesses to promote their brand.
  • Every month, there are over 5B searches on Google for restaurants, 5M for coffee shops, 1B for clothing stores, 600M for hair & beauty salons, 1B for banks and 3B for hotels. Posting to Google My Business gives a business the opportunity to stick out from the crowd.
  • By connecting Google My Business with the platform, your client can receive regular reporting on the performance of their listing. This includes how many times consumers interact with their Knowledge Panel within search results.

Brand Audit

Brand Awareness

How To Build Brand Awareness

Acquire new customers by Building Brand Awareness  tactics. Each year 1 in 12 small business owners relinquishes their hope of industrial success and closes the doors of their business for good.

The root cause? Over 25% of business owners claim low sales/cash flow as the primary reason for shutting down. It is nearly impossible for new startups and small businesses to survive in a competitive sector where the customer acquisition cost is steadily outpacing the lifetime value of each acquired customer.

Building Brand Awareness the the number one responsibility of the business owner.

In 2019, digital advertising increased by 17.6% and equated to roughly 50% of the global ad market (accounting for approximately $333.25 billion).

While the temptation is to spend more and more money on getting prospective customers in the door, this is usually a recipe for disaster. With rising ad costs, smart businesses are challenging themselves to find organic ways to acquire and retain new customers.

With 90% of customers stating that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews and 72% of those respondents saying that they trust a business more if they read positive reviews, investing time in managing your business’s brand authority is more critical today than it has ever been.

Yet, are businesses really focusing on this vital area of their marketing? Considering that a recent survey found that only 36% of small businesses actually invested in review marketing, it is safe to assume there is a lot of opportunities to focus on this discipline.

Online Reviews

Why do online reviews carry so much authority? Reviews deliver an element of social proof and remove most psychological barriers related to the trust of a product or service.

When prospective buyers can verify that unbiased shoppers have had a positive experience in the past, they confidently conclude that this will be indicative of future experiences that they share with the brand. 

There are various online platforms that serve as proof of the benefits of having a strong brand authority and great reviews.

Brand Awareness

Amazon customer reviews

Amazon was one of the pioneering digital storefronts to enable customers to post surveys on purchased items in 1995, and today remains as one of the most significant assets for buyers looking to make informed buying choices.

Items are assessed on a five-star rating scale, which is separated by the level of surveys per star, trailed by most accommodating customer reviews and latest customer surveys.


Trustpilot is a place where you can proactively increase the authority of your business and gives customers unbiased reviews of previous shopper experiences. While other review platforms focus on specific products, Trustpilot allows users to rank a wide variety of products offered by companies, (both digital and physical) including services.


If you’re planning a vacation, a visit to the TripAdvisor website will grant insight on the best places to visit, eat and explore. As the biggest travel site on the planet, TripAdvisor has more than 225 million completed surveys, assessments and photographs contributed by explorers. These raw and unedited reviews make TripAdvisor the perfect trip assistant.

Facebook ratings and reviews

Who doesn’t know about Facebook reviews? In June 2019, Facebook reported an MAU (Monthly Active Users) of 2.41 billion. It feels like everyone is using Facebook these days and the opportunity to engage with businesses and provide reviews while sharing pictures of experiences is greater now than ever before. While primarily a site dedicated to social engagement, Facebook has become a hub for brands to demonstrate their social proof.

Choice Reviews

Choice has considered itself the leader in academic reviews for over 50 years and offers a completely searchable archive housing nearly 200,000 reviews. This robust index gives librarians and literary enthusiasts the ability to deliver better resources.

These are just a few of the platforms that allow users to provide product and service reviews. Looking into the future, with the proliferation of social media and engagement, the number of options that consumers have when comparing commercial selection is bound to increase.

Customer Reviews

Advantages of customer reviews in 2019

With increased competition amongst companies that are bidding for media placement, the coming years will prove why product and service reviews should play a most crucial role in any business marketing strategy. First, whether good or bad, reviews give your organization a chance to learn and create. Using customer feedback, you can see exactly where your business is falling short in addressing customer issues and remove typical obstacles on the customer journey. 

Even negative reviews are not the ultimate kill shot as most would assume. Buyers anticipate that brands should react to surveys – and are frequently frustrated when they don’t. Considering this, 63% of customers claim that they have never received a response to their review. Reviews serve a greater purpose than simply allowing consumers to rate a product, service or experience; this form of feedback creates a community where companies and consumers can interact. 

While praise is inherently easy to respond to, 53% of customers expect organizations to react to negative reviews within seven days, which demonstrates a level of ownership for a mishap that has taken place and reflects a commitment to better service in the future.

Obtaining ethical reviews in 2019

While all business owners may see the benefit of obtaining more customer reviews, the journey to securing an authentic and significant review is a difficult one. A study conducted by Fakespot, which analyzes customers’ reviews for unreliability found that 52% of reviews on were “inauthentic” while 30% of Amazon reviews were found to be fake.

Since then both companies have taken appropriate actions to remove all reviews that appear to be fraudulent

When creating your strategy to obtain authentic and significant reviews, do not fall into the temptation to produce fake reviews for volume; which can have an irreversible effect on your business and impose immeasurable damages to your brand image.

To acquire a review in an ethical process, consider: Asking each customer for reviews after completing your service. While this process may seem tedious and slow-building, there are tools that make this process simple. EnvisionStars is software trusted by many local businesses, created with the purpose of generating authentic reviews in a simple click of a button. This removes the multiple-step barrier that can deter some customers from reviewing even when they have great experiences with your product.

There are plenty of other tools you can explore to streamline this process but whatever you do, ensure that asking for reviews and feedback is a part of your daily interaction with your customers. You may also want to assess your company’s reputation and analyze what you want to be known for. 

What do your customers care about and what are you doing to make noise within your industry? Give people something to talk about and generate a creative edge around your company so that your brand has the creative opportunity to become an unforgettable experience or cause that people rave about and become the voices that accelerate and drive the growth of your brand into the future.

Review Responses

Let us help you stay on top of your online reviews with managed Review Responses.

The web is full of people talking about your  business. But not every business owner has the time to keep track of their reputation online — let alone respond to every review they get. Our marketing strategists will respond to all negative and positive reviews on your behalf. Includes weekly monitoring of each time your business is mentioned online.


Social Media Management

Social Media Optimization – Facebook

Social Media Optimization – Facebook

Facebook Setup and Design

SMO Profile Creation, Design & Optimization  Social Media Optimization - Facebook

Facebook Profile Setup

Facebook Profile Creation & Optimization

Contact us for consultation

Facebook, the social network that’s “free and always will be,” is widely regarded as the most dominant social network. Here, you can share thoughts, ideas, pictures, and links to sites and articles that are near and dear to your heart. To start, we’ll be asking for accurate details that we can use to start building your corner of the social network. These include an Email Address, the Full Name of the designated account owner, the person’s Location, and a Profile Picture. Target keywords can also be inserted into the ‘About’ section of the profile upon request. If there is already a Facebook Profile that you would like us to use, we would need to ask for its access details (Username and Password), and we will be optimizing it for added visual appeal and target audience impact.

Banner Customization of Facebook Profile

With the new Timeline view, users are given the opportunity to give their own visual flavor to their profile. We will be customizing your Facebook Profile banner (the main image that visitors see on top of your profile page) to help you maximize the number of friends you can get. We’ll be asking you to provide us with the images that we will customize and insert in your Facebook Profile’s header.

Banner Image Sourcing, Editing, Resizing, and Customizing

If there is no specific picture that you would like us to use, you could simply give us some directions on the kind of image you’d like the Profile to convey. Based on those, we will be collecting different images and incorporating them into the Banner picture. We will edit and customize these images to fit the Banner concept and apply them. Once we finish with this task, the completed Banner picture will be incorporated into a mockup of the Facebook profile, which will be sent back for feedback. After approval, the mockup can be implemented for the live Facebook Profile.

Facebook Business Page Creation & Optimization

Aside from personal profiles, Facebook allows businesses to have their own Business Pages to interact with customers. Announcements on upcoming events, sales, discounts, and other offerings can be made. Many businesses have also found Pages to be useful for getting customer feedback; loyal and satisfied customers can post positive testimonials here. Setting up a Page on Facebook will evidently be helpful in increasing your online visibility. If the content of the page is appealing enough to the target audience, it can also be very helpful in getting additional customers.

Facebook Business Page Design w/ Image Sourcing, Editing, Resizing, and Customizing

Similar to the Facebook Profile, we will be using images to make the Page more attractive to visitors. If necessary, a color scheme that fits with the brand will be followed. The company or business logo will be incorporated, and niche-oriented pictures will also be used. We will also be asking if there are specific pictures that you would like to use. A mockup will be created for the Business Page and sent for feedback to you. Upon approval, the design will be implemented.

Branded Content Writing for Facebook Business Page

First impressions are crucial, and for many people, Facebook may be the first instance where they encounter your brand. To give them a proper introduction, the content of the page must be consistent with how the brand is displayed elsewhere. We will be writing branded content to post on your Business Page, with particular attention to the ‘About Us’ section, to give customers a proper preview of the company or business. It is also important to assure loyal customers that your voice is the same, no matter where they find you.

Facebook Profile Information

Population Credibility is important in the world of social networking, and that credibility can be measured partly by how easily people can get to know you. Sharing information about you is a great place to start. For the Facebook Profile, we will be uploading information and contact details that are sent to us for specific use there.

Branded Content Writing for Facebook Business Page SEO Tab

The Business Page SEO tab provides a quick overview of the company, its background, and its products/services. We will create branded content for the tab to include the targeted keywords in order to promote its products/services. The information we will use for this will be from the live website of the company. If this is not available, we will need to request for the company’s background and product/service information.

Website Social Integration

Social Sharing and Social Interaction Buttons Installed on Website

To increase customer engagement, it is ideal to give your audience the opportunity to interact with you. Customers who enjoy your company’s services and offerings will want to know how to get in touch. While email and customer hotlines are still around, social media is fast becoming a preferred alternative. To this end, we will also be installing buttons onto your website that will refer customers to your Facebook Business Page. Installation of Social Sharing and Social Interaction buttons will require that we have access to your site’s back end.

Misc.  Service Items

Dedicated IP Services We use dedicated IP services for your campaign to minimize risks of encountering problems with the social media site’s local security.

Report and Auditing

Internal Report Auditing and Analysis For your convenience, we will make sure that reports will include only relevant information, and that the most significant trends and inferences can be determined from the data.

Work Reports

All tasks will be tracked throughout the whole month and are reflected on the monthly report which includes all progress and final outcomes. Expect the report to be fully updated at the end of the month.

Facebook Marketing Services Packages


Social Media Services Breakdown

Facebook Profile Marketing

Facebook Profile Updates

With regular profile updates, we will ensure that your Facebook profile has credibility and presence on the social network. An online presence cannot be successfully established without activity. Facebook profile updates will be posted to the Personal Facebook profile, which is the account used to join groups and send friend requests. They will not be posted to the Facebook Page. Updates are to be created one month before they have to be posted.

Backlink Building from Page Updates

The updates on the Page are also a great chance to refer people to your website. By posting links to pages explaining your brand and services, we can entice Fans to look them up and include your offerings in their consumer decisions.

Photo Updates

Making content visually appealing tends to increase its impact. Text-only updates are less enticing than ones that incorporate pictures and are less likely to have ‘Share’ value. With Photo Updates, people are more likely to pay attention to what you have to say, and they’ll keep coming back to see what other messages you have to share.

As with profile and page updates, photo updates are conceptualized one month in advance

Misc.  Service Items

Dedicated IP Services

We use dedicated IP services for your campaign to minimize risks of encountering problems with the social media site’s local security.

Reporting and Auditing

Internal Report Auditing and Analysis For your convenience, we will make sure that reports will include only relevant information, and that the most significant trends and inferences can be determined from the data.

Work Reports

All tasks will be tracked throughout the whole month and are reflected in the monthly report, which includes all progress and final outcomes. Expect the report to be fully updated at the end of the month.