Business Lead Generation Services Review 

business lead generation

The best business  lead generation services can help your business grow by providing you with comprehensive sales and marketing support, helping you to identify, contact and market to potential customers. To learn more, check out our articles on sales lead generation and our reviews of the top lead generation companies


Search for contacts or accounts by industry, job title, company size/ B2B database. Contact and Company Search, Account Targeting, Database Management, Campaign Management. Free Trial. Must request pricing

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Discover Org

up-to-date org charts, and contact profiles that are updated every 60 days. All of this comes in its own platform, connected to your current CRM and/or marketing tools. So, in addition to getting verified contacts, you won’t have to spend your time copy-pasting the data from one place to another.

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DiscoverOrg specializes in IT, Finance, Marketing, Sales, C-level, and HR contacts for both sales efforts and recruiting campaigns.

Rain King

RainKing provides a data search interface with access to leads of all types, with the promise of lead discovery based on your existing lists. One of RainKing’s best selling points is that they verify all data every 60 days.

RainKing operates with a strong focus on client success, including 24-hour support and a promise of a 10 min response time to all requests. They also offer on-demand research, using internal teams to go after the data you need to make the sale if it isn’t already listed in their database. The Inside Scoops platform gives you helpful marketing information to personalize messages to the needs of the client; these can be viewed in your dashboard or sent to your email when they arrive.

Call Box

Callbox uses a large proprietary database plus outreach, lead nurturing, and pipeline tools to help you connect with the right leads. Campaigns can begin in as little as two weeks from initial contact.

Callbox gives customers access to a private CRM and marketing automation tool, Callbox Pipeline, to help you reach and track your prospects. SMART (Sales and Marketing At the Right Time) call scheduling and analysis prompts sales teams to call leads at the best time, according to data gleaned via an algorithm.


Netline is a B2B content syndication provider that offers self-service, full-service, and advanced lead generation programs, depending on your needs. Clients can use Netline’s campaign dashboards to keep an eye on their performance in real-time and make adjustments to content, targeting criteria, or strategy. 

The company also offers services for publishers looking to monetize their website traffic or offer more relevant content to a target audience. You can build Netline’s native advertising tools into your digital properties and generate revenue for qualified leads who download content. 

Technology Advice

You knew we would include ourselves, right? TechnologyAdvice has a proprietary database of over 46 million contacts and powerful data mining tools to find the right contacts for your sales teams. Our leads are so good that other providers actually buy our leads to resell to their own clients.


Success Strategies

Lead generation companies have lots of ways they find and warm up prospects. The most reliable and expensive tactics involve making targeted, one-on-one contacts with prospects to measure purchase intent and status of decision-makers. This may include:

  • Content syndication: the lead gen company emails industry and interest-specific informative content to known contacts. Interactions with that content show potential interest and companies can follow up with further content or sales calls.
  • Telemarketing: The lead generation company calls contacts to gauge interest in a particular product, to verify job title and contact information, or to offer content syndication. 
  • Database mining: Companies use a variety of verification methods and computer programs to groom proprietary databases and public records to find new prospects and revive old contacts.
  • Email and nurture campaigns: Using email, phone calls, content syndication, and a variety of other touches, the lead generation company provides services to warm existing contact lists into lists of leads that internal sales teams can call with a higher chance of success.

Although human contact doesn’t guarantee a sale, the leads with the highest close rate tend to also come at the highest cost per lead (CPL) to cover the man hours it takes to verify the information.


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